Tips For Cleaning Your Floor

There are going to be many different ways that you will clean your floors.  Depending on the type of spill or dirt that you have on your floor, or the type of floor that you are dealing with, you may have to mix and match some of your cleaning techniques and tactics accordingly.

Remove the debris

wood floor

The first step in cleaning anything is to remove any large masses or debris that may be in your way.  This can be boxes, trash or something that was spilled.  When we remove this debris we will get a better view of what needs to be cleaned and what steps will be most effective.

Use water

Before adding chemicals and soaps, you will want to start with basic water.  When working on a wood floor, water is going to be the easiest thing to work with.  Warm water is great on these types of floors.  However, you don’t want the water to sit on the floor because it could cause damage with extended exposure.

Add a light cleaning agent

The next step is to use a cleaning agent.  If you are working with wood, carpet, vinyl or tile you will want to check with the manufacturer as to what is the best cleaning agent to use.  In general a few drops of common dishwashing detergent will work, however, for other stains and issues, a stronger agent may be needed.

Blot don’t rub

One trick is to blot the area that needs to be cleaned instead of rubbing or scrubbing.  When we blot we are creating a condition where the stains and items are absorbed into a cloth and away from the wood or carpet.  If blotting does work, then lightly scrub or fluff the area to help break up the stains or dirt.  Finally, apply pressure with a brushing or rubbing motion.