Tips For Having Happy Tenants

When it comes to making money, many people will look at renting properties as a way to have some cash flow.  If you are someone that gets into real estate it may be a good idea to also hire property managers in Orlando FL to oversee your properties and do your day to day activities so you can free up your time.


It is vital that you have to have good communication between you and your tenants.  If tenants have a problem and can’t get in touch with anyone then it could lead to more work and more issues than you planned on.  There should be a phone number that can receive text messages or an email that people can mail twenty-four hours a day.  This way, if people can send information and people can respond, issues can be resolved quickly.

Offer a yearly incentive

When renting, you want your tenants to renew with you.  One way that you can do this is by offering a service that they would otherwise have to pay for.  This can be replacing or cleaning carpet, doing a fresh paint job or adding some type of feature that will increase the value of the property.  When you offer an incentive then people will see that they are getting something more than just paying rent.

Increase security

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Everyone wants to be safe.  You will want to consider increasing security or adding security cameras or other devices that will keep those who are renting safe.  When someone feels safe and secure then they will want to stay there.  If they don’t feel safe or they feel as if you don’t care, then they will move on and look for another place to live.

It is up to you as a property owner to make sure that your tenants are happy.  At the end of the day they are the reason you are owning property.